The Olympics That Was


    Fuwa, mascots, Beijing Olympics [The Fuwa, the mascots of the Beijing Olympics]

    And alas, Sunday night"s closing ceremony marked the end of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing China. And what a Games it was! Arnold gave US athletes an awesome send off before they left for China. Michael Phelps managed to pull off 8 golds to become the most decorated (greatest) Olympian ever, and we bumped into him and his cocked Lacoste hat at China Doll. Opening ceremony tickets were nearly impossible to come by, fetching prices upwards of 30K (and Bill Gates was rumored to have spent 400K on an air-conditioned box). Henry Kissinger was spotted sleeping at a basketball game. Vince Vaughn hung out with the US athletes at the USA house. You can find Mcdonalds everywhere on planet earth, even in the Olympic Village cafeteria. We encouraged Olympic twins to mate.  The pool in the village was quite the scene, and gate crashers were a no go at the village "sex fest".  Till next time, London 2012 here we come!