26th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns

26th Annual 'Night of a Thousand Gowns'
Where: Marriott Marquis Who was there: Guests included Mike Ruiz, Lisa Lampanelli, Johnny Weir, Viktor Voronov, Alex McCord, Ronnie Negus, Thomas Roberts, Patrick Abner, Michael Musto, Robin Strasser, David Miller, Jennifer Miller, Amra-Faye Wright, Ilene Kristen, David Rosa, Marty Madden, Amanda LePore, Daniel Patrick Ellis, Ted Detwiler, Simon Van Kempen, Jonathan Ledee, Caroline Loevner, Ryan Nickulas, Adam Barta, Elvis Duran, Miguel Allure, Richie Rich, and Matt Wayne. [Photo: Johnny Weir] Other details: ImperialCourtNY ‏ (@ImperialCourtNY) tweeted:
Glitz, glitter, and glam on the stage now as we welcome those from various Imperial Courts. #noatg
Johnny Weir-Voronov ‏ (@JohnnyGWeir) tweeted:
Thank you @ImperialCourtNY for knighting me last night. I'm honored. And thank you for all you do for the community. You're all beautiful.
[Michael Musto] [Lisa Lampanelli] [Richie Rich] [Mike Ruiz]
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