Last Night's Parties: Art Rocks The Bowery Hotel, Donna Karan Helps Out Kids

by Mara Siegler · May 13, 2011

    Brad Goreski hosted an exhibit of emerging artists at the Bowery Hotel; Dossier magazine celebrated their 7th issue; Donna Karan hosted an event to raise money for kids with cancer; Vito Schnabel showed off the work of Rene Ricard; Lauren Bush ate cupcakes and more. Last night's parties were delicious!

    Art Rocks 2011[More photos HERE]

    Where: Bowery Hotel

    Who Was There: Emmett Shine, Becka Diamond, Johnny Weir, Brad Goreski, Chris Benz, Paul Johnson Calderon

    Other Details: Art Rocks has built a reputation over the last few years for showcasing the year's top class of emerging artists.This year guests were treated to works by Andrew Ku, Ryder Ripps, Rafael Rozendaal, Rene Abythe, Brendan Lynch, Austin Peters, Gordon Stevenson, and Sterling Crispin. Brad Goreski hosted the evening. Be sure to check out more pics HERE!




    Solving Kids Cancer 2nd Annual Spring Celebration

    Where: Ballroom at 583 Park Avenue

    Who Was There: Donna Karan, Alina Cho, John Dempsey, Aurora Lopez, Daniela Angelli, Alexandra Lind Rose, Amy Sacco

    Other Details: Solving Kids Cancer’s Second Annual Spring Celebration Event is all about giving back to the kiddies. Last year they raised a whopping $400,000 for therapeutic developments for Pediatric Cancer and we bet they exceeded that last night.  Big Apple Circus Founders Paul Binder and Michael Christensen were honored and Nigel Barker, Russell James and Donna Karan acted as hosts. [Via]



    DOSSIER JOURNAL Issue No 7 Launch

    Where: New Museum Roof Deck

    Who Was There: Robbie Sokolowsky, Katherine Krause, Andrej Pejic, Kyle Anderson, Andrew Young, Erin Beatty, Monique Pean, Timo WeilandMatthew Schneier, Skye Parrott, Max Osterweis

    Other Details: The Brooklyn-based biannual arts journal celebrated Issue number 7, featuring Melbourne model Andrej Pejic on the cover, with a party at the New Museum.


    Rene Ricard, Solo-Show Curated by Vito Schnabel

    Where: 522 west 23rd st

    Who Was There: Rene Ricard, David LaChapelle, Adam Kimmel, LeeLee Sobieski, Aesha Waks, Arden Wohl, Waris Ahluwalia, Bob Colacello, Terence Koh, Jack Donoghue, Vito Schnabel, Bill Powers, Happy Massee

    Other Details: Vito Schnabel, Julian Schabel's son, curated this show  of works by Rene Ricard, an artist who worked under Andy Warhol and is credited with helping launch the careers of both the elder Mr. Schnabel and Jean-Michel Basquiat.  His work has been a fixture at the Chelsea Hotel but hasn't been exhibited since 2003.

    Charles Bank Gallery Presents NONEISAFE: An Exhibition By Vahap Avsar [More photos HERE]

    Where: Charles Bank Gallery

    Other Details: Charles Bank Gallery presented NONEISAFE, the first solo exhibition in the United States by Turkish artist Vahap Avsar, who also co-founded Brooklyn Industries. Guests sipped wine as they looked at the pieces which included a torched police car.  Be sure to check out more photos HERE and get more details HERE.

    FEED Projects and Little Cupcake Bakeshop Pop-up Shop and Fundraiser

    Where: Little Cupcake Bakeshop

    Who Was There: Julie Gilhart, Lauren Bush, Annabella Asvik, Massimo Lobuglio, Summer Rayne Oakes

    Other Details: Little Cupcake Bakeshop (LCB), a specialty desserts bakeshop, has teamed up with FEED Projects, founded by Lauren Bush, to launch a shop-in-shop at both LCB locations.  For every item sold, a portion of proceeds will be directed to FEED. Go ahead and get that second red velvet cupcake!

    BYE HATER! A Night Out With Kings of Cole [More photos HERE]

    Where: National Jeans Company

    Other Details: Last night the National Jean Company on the Upper East held event BYE HATER! A Night Out with Kings of Cole. The nights attendees, including Carson Kressley from "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy", wined, dined and tried on many of the new Kings of Cole incredibly comfortable loungewear. Be sure to check out more photos HERE.





    TimeCrafters New York's First Luxury Watchmaking Fair Launch Event

    Where: The Times Center N.Y.C

    Who Was There: Yvonne Lynam, Nicholas Luchsinger, Claudia Marnelli, Mark Marshall, Jonathan Winter, Arielle Cohen, Sara Rossi, Claudio Terjanian, Francois-Henry Bennahanias, Alice Bennahanias

    Other Details: Horol-obsessives gathered at The Times Center to view some of the best watchmakers under one roof.  The objective, according to Isabelle Boudringhin, General Manager, Editions Temps International "is to educate the public about fine watchmaking, its know- how and its long and rich history dating back to the 16th century." Blah, blah, there is stuff with diamonds on it!


    Hand Baldachin Amburgey Spring Party

    Where: The Dove Parlour

    Who Was There: David Amburgey, Karl Freeman, Ken Murray, Douglas Hand, Alan Baldachin, Mauricio Beugelman, Sara Beugelmann, Kelley Smith, Karoline Bolt

    Other Details: HBA, a New York-based boutique law firm, held there annual Spring party. There were no objections and everyone sustained themselves with cocktails. Ba-dum-dum, law joke.


    Where: 375 Hudson St

    Who Was There: The Top Twins, Rosie Siman, Rex Sorgatz, Andrea Hont, Pavla Burgatova, Lillian Coryn, Megan Kelly, Mat Newman, Ryan Sweeney, Lillian Coryn, Jack Myers, Brindalyn Chen, Alexander Chen

    Other Details: Seven creative people were chosen to participate in this first time event by Saatchi & Saatchi. Each person got the chance to make a presentation for seven minutes.Tickets costs $7 dollars in order to round out the theme.

    The NEW YORK WOMEN's FOUNDATION presents the 24th Annual 'Celebrating Women Breakfast'

    Where: The New York Hilton

    Who Was There: Susan R. Cullman, Sade Baderinwa, Maria Hinojosa, Jennifer Buffett, Faith Ringgold, Jennifer Buffett, Dennis Walcott, Ana OliveiraOther Details: The ladies came out for some pastries at the New York Women’s Foundation Celebrating Women Breakfast. The event, now in its 24th year, honored NoVo Foundation President Jennifer Buffett with the Vision Award, plus NPR’s Latino USA Anchor & Editor Maria Hinojosa as well as Human Rights Advocate & Artist Faith Ringgold with the Celebrating Women Award. [Via]

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