Last Night's Parties: Everyone Shills For Something

by Mara Siegler · April 19, 2011

    Last night was quiet with the start of Passover, but not everyone stayed in for Seder.The Black Eyed Peas promoted Volkswagon, Pete Wentz specifically backed their Beetle, Bobby Flay hooked up with Helmann's, and MLB Hall of Famers posed with Pepsi. Holy payday!

    Volkswagen Group Presents Black Eyed Peas

    Where: Terminal 5

    Who Was There: BEP, those who like bad music

    Other Details: The Auto Show is around the corner and VW is promoting hard. They even got the Black Eyed Peas, the musical equivalent of the Kardashian sisters, to shill for them with a concert. Dependant on your level of taste, the show was not horrible. Tweeted: "People said, That Super Bowl show sucked. I say, Fuck you!

    US REVEAL OF 21st CENTURY BEETLE Hosted by Jonathan Browning President of Volkswagen Group of America

    Where: Warehouse at Pier 36

    Who Was There: Kevin Joostema, Rainer Michel, Klaus Bischoff, Jonathan Browning, Luca De Meo, Tim Ellis, Pete Wentz Other Details: As the public masses sweated and elbowed each other for a chance to see Will.I.Am., fancy VIPs got a sneak peek of the new Beetle ahead of its public unveiling at the Auto Show. The makeover includes a flat roofline and it is wider and longer. Giving the new car some Emo cred was Pete Wentz, who DJ'd the big reveal. The former Fall Out Boy and owner of Angel's and Kings talked to press stating that despite his divorce from Ashlee Simpson, ""Everything at home is good." [Via]

    Chef Bobby Flay And Hellmann's® Build The Perfect Sandwich In New York

    Where: La Venue

    Who Was There: Bobby Flay,  Hellmann's flacks and corporate drones, clogged arteries

    Other Details: While some were eating an egg, bitter herbs and matzoh, Bobby Flay was busy creating the perfect sandwich with Hellmann's. Doesn't this pose make you want some? Me either. You can enter your recipe for a chance to win $5,000 in groceries.  [Via]

    MLB Hall Of Famers Debut The New Pepsi Max MLB Ad Campaign

    Where: MLB Fan Cave

    Who Was There: Ozzie Smith, Mike Schmidt, Rollie Fingers

    Other Details: MLB Hall of Famers Rollie Fingers, Ozzie Smith and Mike Schmidt debut the new Pepsi Max MLB ad campaign last night at the MLB cave. [Via]