Last Night's Parties: Lady Gaga Rocks The Garden, Williamsburg Gets Fashionable

by Mara Siegler · February 22, 2011

    Beyonce joined Gaga on stage as Madonna looked on,  the United Nations youth delegation launched, fashion types danced it up at Don Hill's, Rose McGowan made an appearance at the Crosby Hotel and much more. Find out what you missed this weekend!

    Lady Gaga In Concert

    Where: Madison Square Garden

    Who Was There: According to Gaga Daily: "Among the celebrities spotted at the concert were Madonna, Paul McCartney, Beyoncé, Billy Joel, Elton John, Michelle Pfeiffer and Billie Joe Armstrong."

    Other Details: The first of her two sold out shows at MSG was also filmed for an HBO special. She wore plenty of pants-less outfits and was joined on stage by Beyonce to sing Telephone. After the show, Gaga took to Twitter, posting: “Just pulled out of MSG, tears streaming down my face. Turned radio on + ‘Born This Way’ was roaring. Believe, + catch your subway to destiny.” Are you listening, Little Monsters? [Via]

    Michelle Lara Lin's Birthday Celebration To Honor The Launch of UNYSA

    Where: Waldorf Astoria & Towers

    Who Was There: Michelle Lara Lin, Malik So Chic, Tippy Marie Hung, Billy Hanson, Sebastian Oppenheim

    Other Details: UNYSA stands for United Nations Youth & Students Association. The project was started by Michelle Lara Lin in 2010 to lobby for United States youth delegation to the United Nations. This event served as both the official launch and Michelle's birthday celebration.

    THE TRAIN & THE BOX New York Event & After Party [More photos HERE]

    Where: The Terminal Store, Don Hill's

    Who Was There: Muriel Piaser, Guillermo Jop, Sophie Goulgeande,  Julia Simo, Mandie Erickson

    Other Details: The Train & The Box New York fall '11 trade show is in full swing. To celebrate, held a shindig after hours at Don Hill's where guests  danced to tunes spun by Slater Bradley. According to party goers on Twitter, the soundtrack ranged from Amy Winehouse to '70's disco.   Be sure to take a look at more photos HERE.


    Where: The Crosby Hotel

    Who Was There: Misha Nonoo, Aleim Johnson, Rose McGowan, Andrew Dosunmu, Rainer Judd, Rob Adams, Tristine Skyler, Shirin Neshat, Cyril Foiret, Ani Tzenkova, Carol Bourdil, Carl Heline, Harif Guzman

    Other Details: Bankers and artists alike gathered last night for a small reception to toast the second issue of Aliem, a magazine featuring interviews, at the Crosby Hotel. a former producer on the Daily Show Tweeted, "At the awesome launch party for " [Via]


    Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

    Where: Glasslands

    Who Was There: Fashionable hipsters

    Other Details: Close on the sky-high heels of NY Fashion Week comes Brooklyn's own version. Young and emerging designers showed off their wares with a focus on fair trade, eco-friendliness, artisan techniques and transparent business practices, to the Burgs fashion-forward elite. [Via]



    Private Screening of CHOW DOWN hosted by Karlin Brooks

    Where: Tribeca Grand Hotel

    Who Was There: Karlin Brooks, Simone Reyes, Dani Baum, Gene Baur, Victoria Moran, Hugo Marmugi, Alexandra Jamieson, Gage Johnston

    Other Details: Chow Down is a documentary that shows the turnaround that two men with heart disease achieved by switching to a plant-based diet.After the film, Julie Grayer and Gage Johnston, the producers and directors of the film held a panel to answer audience questions. [Via]