Last Night's Parties: Models Party At Kenmare, An Elephant Shows Up To Theater Bar

by Mara Siegler · July 29, 2011

    Models and the one-and-only Paz de la Huerta came out to celebrate a bday at Kenmare; Ali Hilfiger and other fashion pros talked to students; we held a pop-up party; Charles Bank Gallery opened their newest exhibit; and an elephant showed up at Theater Bar. Last night's parties were huge!

    SCOTT LIPPS of ONE Model Management Surprise Birthday Party at KENMARE [Take a look at more photos HERE]

    Where: Kenmare

    Who Was There: Scott Lipps, Jessica White, Linda Vojtova, Najla Branco, Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Peter Berg, Cynthia Kirchner, Gabriella Lopez, Paz de la Huerta

    Other Details: Models and fashion types came out to celebrate One Management's Scott Lipps b-day with a surprise party (which he knew about thanks to a Nur Khan Tweet) at Kenmare. Be sure to check out more images HERE!

    Intern Social And Panel Discussion, "The Future Of Fashion: What Does It Look Like And What Is My Role?"

    Where: The Gallatin School at NYU

    Who Was There: Annabel Tollman, Jeni Rose, Amy Levin, Alexandria Hilfiger, Nary Manivong, Lisa Marsh, Malcolm Carfrae

    Other Details: Fashion heavy hitters joined the panel last  night to give their thoughts on how fashion is evolving to students at NYU.

    GofG's Pop-Up Party At Kiss & Fly [Take a look at more pictures HERE!]

    Where: Kiss & Fly

    Who Was There: All the cool people

    Other Details: Last night we hosted a pop-up party at Kiss & Fly! A ton of people came out looking their best to enjoy the open bar with us.  Guests danced, drank, schmoozed and generally had a hell of a good time. Be sure to take a look at more pics HERE.


    Libby Keatinge's Legend Of The Maharani Birthday Party [Take a look at more pictures HERE!]

    Where: Theater Bar

    Other Details: Theater Bar's one year celebration and Libby Keatinge's birthday party was one for the books! The theme of the celebration was Legend of the Maharani.  Guests received henna tattoos and dancers decked out in blue body paint and intricate floral headdress served as entertainment.  Oh, and there was a real, live elephant there! Be sure to take a look at more pics HERE.

    SPIN and LACOSTE Host Rooftop performance by Anna Calvi

    Where: SPIN’s NYC HQ

    Other Details: The highly acclaimed UK artist Anna Calvi performed on the roof of SPIN’s NYC HQ for an intimate crowd of music fans and industry insiders.




    Henry Simonds Unveils 'Requiem For The Super Ball' At Charles Bank Gallery [Take a look at more pictures HERE!]

    Where: Charles Bank Gallery

    Other Details: Artist and filmmaker Henry J. Simonds debuted his multimedia exhibition Requiem For The Superball last night at the Charles Bank Gallery. The solo exhibition was the artist's first in New York City and was received well by friends and guests of the event. Be sure to take a look at more pics HERE.