Last Night's Parties: Robin Williams Gets Hipster Chic, Kevin Smith Brings Red State To NYC

by Mara Siegler · March 7, 2011

    Sarah Jessica Parker took in a Broadway play, Daniel Boulud fed Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Kevin Smith screened his new movie for a hefty price, Ryan McGiness painted strippers in Day-Glo and much much more. Find out what happened this weekend!


    Where: Bernard B Jacobs Theatre

    Who Was There: Sarah Jessica Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, Carol Alt, Alan Cumming, Robin Williams, Patricia Clarkson, Marg Helgenberger, Paul Wesley, Juliana Margulies, Kiefer Sutherland, John Stamos, Judith Light, Chris Noth, Brian Cox, Jim Gaffigan, Jason Patric, Tara Wilson

    Other Details: That Championship Season, a story about the promise of youth and challenge of staying in the game, has officially opened on Broadway.  Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Jim Gaffigan, Chris Noth and Brian Cox this sure to be a hit. Jason Patric, who you might remember from such classics as Lost Boys and Rush, also has a role and is still looking hot. So was Sarah Jessica Parker- who turned heads in a tight black number as she took her seat in the audience. But the celeb who got the most looks out of everyone was undoubtedly Robin Williams, who turned up to see the show looking like an over-aged hipster with a beard and dark, thick rimmed frames. [Via]

    COUNTRY CLUB Presents WOMEN The Blacklight Paintings by RYAN MCGINNESS

    Where: Le Bain

    Who Was There: Ryan McGiness, Leigh Bender, Carlo McCormick, Lara Allen, Michael Lowe, Andre Balazs, Elena Dorfman, Christy Karr, Isabel Jay, Christian Strike, Jo Honig, Jessica Vitkus, Rachel Mason, Mindy Wyatt, Rena Ohashi

    Other Details: When Ryan McGinness first debuted "Women: The Black Light Paintings" at a grimy nightclub in Miami during Art Basel. This weekend, for the second installation, he transformed Le Bain from nightclub to work of art with Day Glo paint, blacklight lit canvases, and a stripper pole complete with neon painted dancers from Sapphire strip club. Guests watched as the sipped on appropriately themed specials like "Private Dancer," and "The Pole Trick." [Via]

    Burgundy, Bordeaux, Black Truffles and Blue Jeans at Daniel to Benefit Citymeals-On-Wheels

    Where: Daniel

    Who Was There: Michael Bloomberg, Diana Taylor, Suri Kasirer, Daniel Boulud, Marcia Stein, Lisa Niccolini, Julian Niccolini, Gerald Passedat, Gael Greene, Charlie Rose, Jonathan Tisch, Joe Cohen, Georgette Farkas

    Other Details: Chef Daniel Boulud threw his annual Spring celebration at Citymeals-on-Wheels. Some 150 patrons put on their favorite blue jeans to feast on a late winter menu including black truffles and paired with fine Bordeaux and Burgundy wines.  [Via]

    Paper Street Film Opening

    Where: CV

    Other Details: The cast and crew of Paper Street Films celebrated the opening premiere for director, writer, and producer Josh Radnor's new film Happythankyoumoreplease at the CV Lounge. Get more details HERE and take a look at our gallery of photos HERE.



    ARTSTAR Presents ARTISTS & DEALERS Ping Pong Tournament

    Where: SpiN

    Who Was There: Rocky Wong, Marty Reisman, Eric Gleason, Kazuyuki Yokoyama, Katherine Pill, Colette Robbins, Mike Malone, Don Porcella, Max Levai, Chrissy Crawford Malone, Richard Yumang, Paul Johnson Calderon, Jane Glassman

    Other Details: The art crowd took to the ping pong  tables this weekend and got competitive while tipping back drinks and talking about what shows and exhibits they saw that day.


    Where: Radio City Music Hall

    Who Was There: John Goodman, Kevin Smith, Ralph Garman, Melissa Leo, Kerry Bishe, Stephen Root, Nicholas Braun, Michael Angarano, Michael Angarano

    Other Details: Kevin Smith has kicked off his Red State tour,. He'll be taking his new horror flick on a 15-date journey around the country, ahead of its full release on October 19th. The Radio City show brought in $161,590 in ticket sales alone, before you factor in the associated merchandise sales, too. That's a huge number, and critical response has been good. After the screening there was a Q & A panel. Melissa Leo was on hand and managed to not drop the F-bomb. [Via]


    FLATT MAGAZINE Presents AM STUDIO During The Armory Show, Works by KIKA KARADI and Performance by ELEW

    Where: AM Studio NYC

    Who Was There: Kika Karadi, ELEW. Andreas Pellot, Tom Merlino, Ali Rod, Christina Lessa, Elie Kent, Ben Towill, Sibylla Deen, Peter Emerson, James Perkins, Jason Hodrinsky, Jordan Guskind, Derek Orrell, Zeshan Malik, Eduardo Ramos, Chuck Guida, Joseph Bongiorno, John Newsom

    Other Details: Guests of FLATT Magazine's Armory Week fete were in luck. Pianist ELEW, who has played with jazz greats and performed for Obama, took to the keys to do what he does best for the crowd. @catekustanczy Tweeted: "Dear @, you rock the casbah of human nature, the smell of teen spirit, the drama of Jane's diaries, & the genius of @."

    A Celebration For Global Ukelele Day [More photos HERE]

    Where: Bowery Hotel

    Other Details: In honor of Global Ukelele Day, Gregory de la Haba and the Beatles Complete on Ukelele presented ten special KALA designed ukeleles, which will be given to the most powerful and compeing people around the globe.. Find out more about the event HERE and take a look at more pictures HERE.



    RALPH LAUREN Cocktail Reception in Honor of Margaret Russell and the New ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

    Where: Ralph Lauren Women's and Home Store

    Who Was There: Margaret Russell, Giulio Capua, S.I. Newhouse, Ralph Lauren, David Lauren, Iris Apfel, Daniel Cappello, Eileen Guggenheim, Richard Lambertson, John Truex, Charles Fagan, Reed Krakoff, Dr. Lisa Airan, Cornelia Guest, Darryl Carter, Charlotte Moss, Duane Hampton

    Other Details: Ralph Lauren threw a party for Architectural Digest's new EIC Margaret Russell (formerly of Elle Decor) to celebrate her first issue. The March mag states, “The Age of Elegance,” boldly on the cover and is a descriptor of the air of the evening.

    Armory Arts Week at the Bowery Hotel [More photos HERE]

    Where: Bowery Hotel

    Other Details: Johnny Christ and Laura Cooper Brown invited guests to celebrate the end of Armory Arts Week upstairs at the Bowery Hotel Julian Shcnabel's daughter Stella DJ'd.   More details can be found HERE. And be sure to check out more photos HERE!



    Black Tie & Beer Pong [More photos HERE]

    Where: Public House

    Other Details: Guests hit Public House dressed in their finest, taking aim at red plastic cups 007-style. Things got shaken and stirred. Find out details HERE and take at more photos HERE.



    - Launch Party [More photos HERE]

    Where: Park Avenue Tavern

    Other Details:, a new web site, celebrated its launch with...brunch!  And mimosas. Take a look at the images HERE.

    Sarah Jessica Parker Ralph Lauren Chris Noth Tara Wilson Radio City Music Hall Paul Johnson Calderon Daniel Boulud Stella Cornelia Guest Judith light Julian Schnabel David Lauren Margaret Russell Robin Williams Alan Cumming Andre Balazs Diana Taylor Whoopi Goldberg Patricia Clarkson Melissa Leo Brian Cox Dr. Lisa Airan Julian Niccolini Gael Greene Kiefer Sutherland Jonathan Tisch Duane Hampton Michael Bloomberg Juliana Margulies John Stamos jason patric Bowery Hotel SI Newhouse SPiN richard lambertson Eileen Guggenheim Charlotte Moss Citymeals-on-Wheels Carol Alt Daniel CV Paul Wesley Kevin Smith Reed Krakoff Charlie Rose John Goodman HappyThankYouMorePlease Josh Radnor Le Bain Lost Boys Jim Gaffigan John Truex Iris Apfel Giulio Capua CV Lounge Red State Johnny Christ Daniel Cappello Charles Fagan Darryl Carter Ralph Lauren Women's and Home Store RALPH LAUREN Cocktail Reception in Honor of Margaret Russell and the New ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST Ryan McGiness Leigh Bender Carlo McCormick Lara Allen Michael Lowe Elena Dorfman Christy Karr Isabel Jay Christian Strike Jo Honig Jessica Vitkus Rachel Mason Mindy Wyatt Rena Ohashi COUNTRY CLUB Presents WOMEN The Blacklight Paintings by RYAN MCGINNESS Kika Karadi ELEW. Andreas Pellot Tom Merlino Ali Rod Christina Lessa Elie Kent Ben Towill Sibylla Deen Peter Emerson James Perkins Jason Hodrinsky Jordan Guskind Derek Orrell Zeshan Malik Eduardo Ramos Chuck Guida Joseph Bongiorno John Newsom AM Studio NYC FLATT MAGAZINE Presents AM STUDIO During The Armory Show Works by KIKA KARADI and Performance by ELEW FLATT MAGAZINE