Last Night's Parties: The Art World Comes Out In Force, Victoria's Secret Angels Get 'Incredible'

by Mara Siegler · March 2, 2011

    Kelly Rutherford hit ADAA Art Show's Gala Preview, Neville Wakefield's Involuntary exhibit called upon the ghosts of murdered socialites, Katie Couric reminded people about their colon, Peter Dinklage took in some Shakespeare,  Bethenny Frankel shilled for Hanes and so much more. Let's see what happened last night!

    ADAA Art Show Gala Preview

    Where: Park Avenue Armory

    Who Was There: Kelly Rutherford, Phillip Lim, Mary Alice Stephenson, Sybil and  David Yurman, Evan Yurman, Jackie Blum, Linda Blumberg, Tracy Stern, Alex Acquavella

    Other Details: The ADAA is the country’s longest running national art fair. Now in its 23rd year, it displays museum quality exhibitions of art ranging from cutting-edge, 21st century works, to museum-quality pieces from the 19th and 20th centuries. Tweeted: "Fell in love with a bunch of booths at ADAA incl BlumandPoe, L&M, Michael Werner, David Zwirner...oh and the dessert bar!" All proceeds from the evening benefit the Henry Street Settlement.

    The Surrey Hotel and fordPROJECT launch The Armory Show 2011 with an after party for Neville Wakefield's Involuntary

    Where: The Surrey Hotel

    Who Was There: Neville Wakefield,  Lauren Santo Domingo, Art Production Fund’s Yvonne Force Villareal, Sante D’Orazio, Olympia Scarry, Taylor Swanson Frank, Lauren Rottet, Liz Magic Laser

    Other Details: After party for Neville Wakefield Involuntary exhibition at fordPROJECT. The show focuses on paranormal activity, as the exhibition space has been marked by sexual infatuation, violence, murders and subsequent haunting by a murdered 20s/30s socialite. [Via]

    THE PUBLIC THEATRE Presents the Opening Night Celebration for Public LAB SHAKESPEARE Inaugural Production TIMON OF ATHENS

    Where: Chinatown Brasserie

    Who Was There: Ethan Hawke, Richard Thomas, Peter Dinklage, Lily Rabe, Nathan Englander

    Other Details: Lovers of Shakespeare came out for last night's celebration of the Public Theater's inaugural performance of Timon of Athens, which has been described as the most perfect of the Bard's work for the post-bail out age.  Its central concern is money's ability to corrupt every human interaction. Richard Thomas is the lead. Peter Dinlage, from Elf and Narnia, was there though I can't figure out why. Also-Ethan Hawke!  [Via]


    VIP Celebration for MEGHAN BOODY

    Where: Affirmation Arts

    Who Was There: Meghan Boody, Christina Ewald, Lilian Kavandish, Randy Polumbo, Natalie White

    Other Details: Affirmation Arts, in association with Rick Wester Fine Art, held a VIP celebration for fancy art types to celebrate Meghan Boody: The Lighthouse Project II: Visitation. First shown in the fall of 2008,  the exhibition brings together for the first time the complete series of large photographs in their naturalist-inspired frames.

    QuaDror Unveiling event [More photos HERE]

    Where: New Museum

    Other Details: The Huffington Post teamed up with Designer Pages last night to host its monthly IDNY event at The New Museum. Guests celebrated the unveiling of QuaDror, and the launch of Huffington Post Arts' Design Thursday.  More details on the party can be found HERE. Don't forget to take a look at more pics from the party and panel HERE.



    Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appetit Celebrates at Rao's

    Where: Rao's

    Who Was There: Rick Moonen, Adam Rapoport, Frank Pellegrino Sr., Frank Pellegrino Jr., Paul Bartolotta, Pamela Drucker Mann, Claude Le-Tohic

    Other Details: Carla Pellegrino Bon Appétit Editor Adam Rapoport and Vice President and Publisher Pam Drucker Mann hosted last night's dinner at Rao's. menu was from the Master Series Dinner at Caesers Palace that will take place in Las Vegas on May 5th. Tweeted of the evening, "Frank Sinatra's "The Summer Wind"... Rao's Cabernet, Meatballs, rigatoni and orchiette on the table. Conversations, laughter... The best." In addition to all of that, there was apparently some impromptu karaoke. [Via]

    Victoria's Secret Angels Debut The New "INCREDIBLE" Bra

    Where: Victoria's Secret Soho

    Who Was There: Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman

    Other Details: The Angels were on hand to help launch the new 'Incredible bra." And while they may look good, you have to question the judgement of at least one. Faded Youth spoke to Chanel Iman about John Galliano being fired from Dior for Anti-Semitic remarks and she had this to say:

    “I love John Galliano. I’ve been working with him for years and he is one of the most amazing, genius men in this business. He is one of the most creative, genius designers that I’ve worked with and he’s so open to all types of people. He’s loving and he’s caring and I wish him all the best.” [Via]

    Façonnable Fall-Winter 2011 Collection  [More photos HERE]

    Where:Façonnable Showroom

    Other Details: Façonnable  previewed its Fall Winter 2011 Collection last night with a champagne reception. Make sure to take a look at pictures from the event HERE.




    Hanes Keep, Toss And Donate Event

    Where: C&C Studios

    Who Was There: Bethenny Frankel, Matthew Moloney

    Other Details: Bethenny Frankel is now shilling for Hanes by giving tips to avoid hoarding. "It is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Cleaning out your drawers doesn’t have to be stressful. Just make three piles: toss, keep, and donate!" There are so many things that confuse me about this, but the most disturbing is donated underwear. Second-hand undies are just all sorts of wrong.   [Via]

    "Make That Call" For Colon Cancer Screening Campaign Launch

    Where: Monahan GI Center

    Who Was There: Katie Couric

    Other Details: Katie Couric, who lost her husband to colon cancer in 1998, is continuing to raise awareness about the disease and encouraging New Yorkers ages 50 and older to call their doctors and make an appointment for an annual screening. “With appropriate screening, colon cancer is often preventable and, when detected early, highly curable. We want New Yorkers to ‘Make That Call’, if not for themselves, then for the people who love them." [Via]

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