David Copperfield Crowned "king Of Magic" and "Magician of the Century"

David Copperfield Crowned "king Of Magic" and "Magician of the Century"
Where: Home of David Copperfield Who was there: Guests included David Copperfield, Michael Stipe, China Chow, Chloe Gosselin, John Currin, Rachel Feinstein, Carlos Mota, Pippa Cohen, Roberto Cavalli, Glenn O'Brien, Alessandra Codinha, Alan Eckstein, Timo Weiland, Jane Notar, Richie Notar, Jason Binn, Sean MacPherson, Rachelle Hruska, Robert Verdi, Peter Brant, and Blaine Trump. Other details: The celebration was also of Copperfield's birthday, and hosted by Fantastic Man Magazine. [Chloe Gosselin, David Copperfield hanging with Roberto Cavalli, Photo via] GofG's Rachelle Hruska (@rachellehruska) tweeted:
I'm currently inside David copperfield's ginormous apt. It's everything you'd hope it to be. 
Kristian Laliberte (@kristianlaliber) tweeted:
Going from David Copperfield's apartment to seeing @lindsaylohan throwing a drink (with Dina in tow) was really...magical.
[David Copperfield, Chloe Goesslin, Roberto Cavalli, Michael Stipe] [John Currin, Rachel Feinstein, and Peter Brant, China Chow]
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