The Daily "Who Invited Her?!"

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · April 10, 2009

    [Photo by The Cobrasnake] Now that summer's around the corner we'll definitely be seeing a little more leg out and about- time to hit the gym ladies (and gentlemen).  And while Canadian tuxedos are never ok,  denim cut-offs -not to be confused with the fashion disaster better known as jorts -  are having another moment in the sun.  That said, like all things 80's that are back in vogue this year, approach with caution if not moderation (so un-80s).  This photo speaks a thousand words about the dangers of trying a little too hard to recreate the decade of decadence and hair metal. Too short + too tight = way tacky. And those pockets are not helping the cause- they're bad and you know it.   We're sure to see some hipsters roaming about in this layered look before the warm weather finally arrives, but what's your vote? We go with no.