The Daily Who Invited Him ?!

by guestofaguest · April 16, 2009

    [Photos via The Cobrasnake] Evidently with the circus in town and what not novice contortionists are coming out of the woodwork. At first we weren't sure exactly what was going on in this picture- actually we still aren't. But, whatever it is, it ain't pretty.  Bartender, what's a guy got to do to get a cut off here ? This dude didnt just settle for the bridge and tunnel unbuttoning up top- he went whole hog and rocked out with his belly out.  We sort of thought this went without saying, but guys, the shirt almost-completely-off look is never ok when out and about in the city; save the ab(less) show for hot summer days at the beach.  Clothes on in public- dignity in check.