The Daily "Who Invited Them?"

by Chiara Atik · May 4, 2009

    Hi, Blonde Girl. We know, it's hard work, going to a party and dancing the night away while simultaneously taking a ton of pictures of yourself that you will post in a gratuitous facebook album, cleverly titled "Saturday Night, Bitches!". Sometimes, you just need a minute to sit down, adjust the glowsticks around your head, and click through the 20 pictures you took of yourself in the bathrooms. Understandable. Just, next time, maybe you should try to sit AT the bar, instead of ON it.

    Because otherwise, some really drunk dude might come up to you and ask if you'll be the Heidi to his Spencer, and then proceed to happily fall backwards into your arms, and the next thing you know, you're sitting there, on top of a bar, straddling some passed out guy, while everyone else at the party is wondering to themselves: "Who invited them?"[All photos by the Cobrasnake]