The Daily: "Who Invited Them?!" Dr!p Pool Party

by KENDRA SEAY · March 25, 2009

    Julio Hart, Dante[All photos by Patrick McMullan]

    These two are more than ready for Summer and they are not afraid to show it! They dove right out of their winter gear and into their decked out tighty whities for the weekly Dr!p party at The RoomMate Grace Hotel, a party which is slowly taking over New York City Monday nights in the gay community. Okay boys, we understand...we're sick of the cold too, but practice makes perfect and if you want to truly be ready for poolside parties this summer, maybe you could consider leaving your necktie, suspenders, sand bucket, and aquatic cold-blooded friend at home? More photos below...




    George Niebes, Peter Kriss, Lauren Gibbs, Alex Quiroga George Niebes, Peter Kriss, Lauren Gibbs, Alex Quiroga

    Timothy VisnofskyIsegart, Lady Rizo Timothy Visnofsky, Isegart, Lady Rizo

    Steven Klein, Andre Balazs, Daphne Guinness, David LaChapelle,