People Take To The Streets In The Name of Conan O'Brien

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · January 19, 2010

    The NBC Universal lot in Los Angeles was invaded yesterday by CoCo-heads (it's going to take off, just you watch), wielding signs in support of Conan O'Brien, who's quickly become everyone's favorite redhead. -

    In case you missed it, TMZ has video of the whole thing, as always. There was also what we'll call "a slightly more scaled back rally" outside of the "Today" show in Rockefeller Plaza here in NYC, which was attended by Mike Mitchell, or that guy who designed the now must-have "I'm With Coco" t-shirt. Someone even toted a sign about LaBamba, who I'm sure we'll all be just as sad to see go...somewhere else.

    Conan Protest

    Conan Protests

    [Photos via  Buzzfeed, InOtherNews, Baxterp2 and the deadline]