Remedial Gossip 101: French Edition

by MADDY MADISON · February 11, 2008

    bruniWe all took alegebra. Well, some of us ditched it to sit in Dave Dribben’s rusted out Honda and smoke clove cigarettes, but that’s neither here not there. Even the drop outs among us know the classic formula:

    Beautiful Woman + Politics + Media – American Puritanical Repression = Clandestine International Weddings!

    With the seemingly overnight courtship and marriage of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Model-Singer-Inevitable –Cougar Carla Bruni everyone from the highbrows to the no-brows are getting in on the gossip roundup. A little history lesson for those who were also no shows for that class: Sarkozy got divorced in October. Of last year. Bruni is a remarkably well-preserved international model and singer. The French Prez and the Mannequin fell in love at Disneyland Collective awwww, please. The new first lady of France now has her own physics theorem named in her honor. Even Carla herself looks as surprised as we do. Well, at least the French have better taste.

    [Carla Bruni Is Preggers] [Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned]