Spitzer: The "Fking Steamroller"

by AMANDA MELILLO · March 12, 2008

    elliot It seems that in the short time since the take-down of the Emperor's Club was first reported, the momentum has just kept snowballing to spell the certain political demise of Eliot Spitzer. Now, the news is this: his tryst with Kristin wasn't a one-time arrangement, and his liaisons with ladies of the night was not restricted to this year.  In fact, the millionaire has dropped at least $80K on hookers over the past ten years. During the time he was the state's Attorney General. While he was prosecuting prostitution rings and beating his chest with his fists as a "fucking steamroller." Rumors from insiders say that his resignation is inevitable, and might even happen today, while others believe that he had been set to resign once the news broke until he was advised to hold off by his lawyers. Theory is that he will try to avoid jail time by using his resignation as a plea bargain. With the federal prosecutors probably drafting up his indictment as I write this, and the Republicans waving their arms threatening impeachment proceedings as soon as possible, this seems highly likely.

    The media's challenge on Tuesday was to find Spitzer's petite brunette to secure that elusive interview, particularly after ABC secured photos of another one of the Emperor's Club girls. What they usually don't tell you about these interviews is that money—a lot of money—changes hands, especially when the stakes are so high, and certain media outlets were clamoring to make the best offer. As of midnight last night, the highest bidder for call girl Kristin's true story was Extra, with a price tag of $100,000. Who says sources can't be bought, for the right price?

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