The FlipMe Pop-Up Party: Down The Hatch

by Matthew McDonagh · August 25, 2010

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    Tuesday night at Down the Hatch may be Ladies Night... But everybody was getting in on the dollar drafts and eight dollar pitchers. Third-Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life" (along with almost every other song from the 90's that you secretly miss but will never admit) was blaring throughout the bar and just about everyone was singing along at one point or another.

    Once the singing subsided it was time for a little friendly competition. Players crowding around the foosball table in the back room of Down the Hatch is a familiar sight. So I decided to try my luck and challenge one of the club pros I'd seen dominating other patrons earlier in the night -big mistake-. A couple of seconds and a few flicks of the wrist later I was beaten. Thank goodness there were plenty of pitchers, hot-wings and waffle fries to ease the pain of losing.

    Trying to summarize an entire night in a paragraph or two is next to impossible. We haven't even talked the dance-off that erupted by the front door around midnight! Check back soon to see where we go next!

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