The FlipMe Pop-Up Party: The 13th Step

by Matthew McDonagh · August 26, 2010

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    Situated on 2nd Avenue, between 9th and 10th street, 13th Step has the classic college sports bar curb appeal. We spotted the over-sized and very bright neon sign from 2 blocks away. The frat-tastic East Village bar has been pretty controversial, so we were excited to check the place out for ourselves...- The venue itself features a long bar, with private rooms in the back. The back rooms played host to private parties having their fantasy football drafts. Anyone who's played fantasy football knows how important draft day is, so we stayed out of their way. We're talking some serious business.

    Another feature that caught our eye (and everyone else's) were the nearly excessive number of flat-screen televisions mounted on the walls. They had just about every sporting event you could imagine playing in the background. The 13th Step also has 2 beerpong tables permanently set up in one of the corners. I figured considering I didn't do so well the night before at Down the Hatch playing foosball I was due for a win so I called next on the beerpong table. I lost... again. At least I'm consistent.

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