The FlipMe Pop Up Party: The Anchor Bar

by Chiara Atik · October 12, 2010

    Sponsored by FlipMe Dating

    Go HERE for more pictures by Sunny Norton, and tag yourself and your friends!

    It'd been a while since we'd checked out The Anchor Bar, and we'd forgotten how many people can fit, and more importantly, dance, in the small SoHo space. Needless to say, we were quickly reminded.-

    Midnight is pretty late for a Pop-Up party, but we were assured by the managers that things don't start picking up til 11:30 at the earliest. Of course they were right, and by 12:15 the Anchor was packed with people dancing, drinking, and getting their fringe tops caught in people's cufflinks. (It happened.)

    Next time you find yourselves wandering around Western SoHo with nowhere in particular to be at midnight or so, we highly recommend The Anchor. Even if you don't know anyone, you'll make friends, and quickly.

    Miss out on Friday's Pop-Up Party? Don't let it happen again! Stay tuned for this week's Pop-Up Party Location announcement!