The FlipMe Pop-Up Party: Tonic East

by Matthew McDonagh · August 27, 2010

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    Guest of a Guest headed east for Thursday night's Pop-Up Party, Tonic East that is. Located on 3rd Avenue at 29th street, Tonic East had a lot to offer us. The first floor long bar was packed at 10p.m. when we arrived and stayed that way the whole time. A constant stream of thirsty patrons poured in as the night progressed and they left satisfied.-

    The second floor bar was a far less crowded but every bit as entertaining as the first. While everyone else was fighting for drinks downstairs, I was effortlessly getting my Hoegaarden (Important: pronounced who-garden) on the second floor. That is reason enough to favor the the middle-floor bar.

    As usual at Guest of a Guest, we save the best for last: the rooftop. The rooftop bar at Tonic East truly is phenomenal. To be exact there are actually two bars on the roof. The main bar is to the right with a smaller supplemental short bar to the left. I decided to be thorough and sit at a table and try the bar food. One grilled chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce and fries later I was satisfied. What a way to cap off an awesome night at Tonic East.

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