1. Kafana
The owners of Kafana pride themselves on having opened Manhattan's first Serbian restaurant. Kafana, indeed, is a unique experience to most city diners. The unpretentious restaurant has antique details throughout the Ave C space that feels like a European grandmother's living room upon entering. Kafana brings diners to a dimension of slow service, meaty schnitzels, and an array of comforting appetizers from salads with fresh cow's milk feta cheese to meat plates (perfect to accompany your never ending glass of wine). Kafana's dining crowd is a balanced mix of Lower East Side locals and Serbians. The music sounds like a France Gall Pandora station, the waitresses are calm and can be seen leaning against the wine bar, and the best part of this already chill establishment is that everyone who enters, enters laughing. We recommend: Karadjordjeva pan seared schnitzel rolled with ham & creamy spread. Kafana, 116 Ave C (bet. 7th and 8th streets), 212-353-8000, www.kafananyc.com [Photos via]
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