On Saturdays in Soho, the party is always at Felix. There are the wealthy Europeans (who pair perfectly with the potentially real, potentially fake French staff), and then the packs of girls who at 12PM are dressed for 12AM. And not the kind of, oh-that's-clearly-your-outfit-from-last-night situation, but the oh-you-woke-up-at-eight-and-have-been-putting-that-face-on-since-then situation. And I don't care if that's not you, you know that's fun to watch. Plus should you get bored (which you will not), there's always some type of soccer or football playing on the screens. And loud clubby music to enjoy, and many ridiculous sized bottles of rosé to choose from.

Felix, 340 West Broadway

[Photo via @ivorina_lattrice]

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