Shop The Closets Of The Man Repeller And DANNIJO With Material Wrld's Online Pop-Up Shop

by Yumi Matsuo · April 4, 2012

    Co-founded by Jie Zheng, former director of ecommerce at J.Crew, and Rie Yano from Coach, Material Wrld is a high-end ecommerce site for fashion savvy shoppers. Stylish users can go to the online marketplace and shop around in one another's closets.

    In an interview with BetaBeat, Ms. Zheng refers to the site as,

    "a prettier and friendlier eBay with social features."

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    They will launch the site this Spring with 100 hand-selected sellers and eventually expand the number of sellers through exclusive referrals.

    “We’ll have strict guidelines around types of product that can be sold. So no fast fashion (Zara, H&M, Forever 21). ”

    Material Wrld will take vintage shopping to a whole other level by making it a very personal experience. As the site develops, users will be able to create their own shop with items from their closet and tell the personal stories behind each piece.

    To build excitement for their official Spring launch, Material Wrld launched an online pop-up store last week to give a sneak peak of the sites features. The exclusive shopping experience features items from 10 of New York's "favorite tastemakers," including DANNIJO founders Danielle and Jodi Snyder, designer Steven Alan, DJ May Kwok, Fueled founder Rameet Chawla, and bloggers Leandra Medine, Chelsa Skees, Keiko Lynn, Jessie Cohen, Nicole Loher.

    The chance to raid their closet ends today. Go HERE to start purchasing items from their wardrobe.

    Check out the personal styles of these tastemakers below with a look through the GofG galleries!

    Jodie Snyder, Danielle Snyder, and Leandra Medine

    [Jodie Snyder, Leandra Medine, Danielle Snyder]

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    Chelsa Skees

    [Nick McGlynn, Chelsa Skees, and boyfriend Dennis Crowley]

    Steven Alan

    [Right: Steven Alan]

    Keiko Lynn and May Kwok

    [Keiko Lynn] [May Kwok]