The Wei: Something's In The Air In '08

by STEPHANIE WEI · July 25, 2008

    stephanie wei and liam mcmullanBack in March, I felt this new wave of energy. I didn't know what it was exactly yet or have the words to describe it. I had a feeling 2008 was going to be a year to remember. I was having coffee with my friend and mentor, Steve Paul and we were discussing his current project, I used the opportunity to pick his brain and I asked him if he could liken this nondescript energy to when he was just a "kid" in 1968. He responded, "Oh yeah, definitely…it's.." I interrupted abruptly and said, "there's just something in the air!". Steve's blue eyes sparkled and nodded vigorously with a big smile and responded, "that's right, there's something in the air."

    What I find most exciting is that we're in one of those transitional phases that happens every some years in history. Things are changing so quickly; we're in an economic downtown; most of the world hates America (and Americans). Yet, I still feel inspired and optimistic because it also brings the spirit of possibility and probability; we're hungry for change.

    We're moving forward into a new era, which provides us the ability to think outside of the box.

    Anything is possible these days to an extent and during this time of transition. I think many agree that the content of media has declined while also exposing an ugly side of humanity at times. It is frustrating, but at the same time, it facilitates discussion, creativity and entrepreneurial efforts. The combination of those three factors will prepare us to move forward, to produce new content and to conduct business more efficiently.

    You can call me naïve and optimistic, but what's wrong with that? I'm not ashamed of being a self-proclaimed optimist and I'm not criticizing those who have a more pessimistic (or realistic) outlook either. To harbor change and move forward to the next stage of history, we must ALL work together. We're living in the world of facebook, wikipedia, youtube, and the list goes on, providing the masses to exercise their right to express their opinions (aka the first amendment). The solution is building open platforms, integrating, collaborating and simply teamwork.

    It is easier said than done, but I believe in my generation, the millennials. As a student of history, I believe that cycles do repeat themselves and we do have a "rendezvous with destiny". The good guy always wins in the end and I'm sticking with it.