Talia Eisenberg Hosts Opening Reception for "12 Instances" At Heist Gallery

by PERRINE MEISTRELL · May 13, 2009

    [Keith Lissner, Talia Eisenberg, All photos by JOHNATHAN ZEIGLER for PMc]

    Last night at the Heist Gallery on the Lower East Side, owner Talia Eisenberg hosted an opening reception for the gallery's new exhibit, "12 Instances."  "12 Instances" is a group exhibition of Polaroids curated by photographer Molly Surno, and explores photography's first medium of "instant gratification" and "immediacy" before the dawn of the digital age.  Talia wore a dress by designer Keith Lissner (one of the stars in Bravo's new series "The Fashion Show"), who joined in the celebration along with  guests such as skater Oksana Baiul, curator Molly Surno, Mark Langrish, and Annabel Vartanian among others.

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    After cocktails at her gallery, Talia led the group to opium den turned hot lounge Apotheke for the after party.  Many of the photographers featured in the exhibit joined in on the fun.  Catch their work in "12 Instances" at Heist, 27 Essex Street, from May 13- June 17th, Wednesday through Sunday, 12 -6pm.  More photos after the jump...

    Peter Ruprecht, Amelia Rose

    Oksana Baiul, Molly Surno, Mark Langrish

    Pam Eisenberg, Zev Eisenberg, Talia Eisenberg

    Annabel Vartanian, Mary Lee, Marty Folb

    Peter Ruprecht, Yuliya Miroshnikoba, Zander Price

    Keith Lissner, Douglas Marshall, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, Nadia Kazakova