Sativa, Indica or Hybrid

When you first download the app you will be prompted to create a profile. Unlike other applications that force you to link your Facebook profile, here that option is not even given. Although it makes it more anonymous since you can't secretly match with that hot guy your friends are friends with but it also means that you won't go to can assess the opportunity cost.

For your profile you will be asked your energy level: Sativa (High), Hybrid (Medium), Indica (Low). Puns everywhere.

It'll also ask which way you like to partake: smoking, vaping, edibles, or everything. 

I give it a couple months until Vaping is code for anal, Edibles for oral and Smoking for missionary. Sativa for BDSM, Hybrid for normal and Indica for gentle love making (gross). 

[Photo via @highthereapp]

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