New App Connects Guests At NYC Hotel

by Georgia Bobley · March 13, 2012

    The six-week old Tryp Hotel, located in Times Square, is the first hotel in the US to use LobbyFriend, a social networking app for hotel guests. LobbyFriend allows guests to interact with each other, as well as with the hotel's staff, making it a traveler's ultimate networking tool.

    Upon check-in, all hotel guests are given an access code to log into LobbyFriend. Once logged in, the app will allow out-of-towners to post questions about the location of a certain store or attraction, or to ask for restaurant or bar recommendations. A member of the hotel staff, or another hotel guest will respond using the app.

    According to the LobbyFriend website, LobbyFriend is a "temporary social network," since guests are removed from the network once they check out of the hotel. The website also explains how the app works to the advantage of both the guests and the hotel:

    "Our platform connects all guests within your hotel to each other, to the staff, and to the brand. Hotel guests will be able to socialize, network for business or fun, and take advantage of exclusive deals offered by their hotel or vendors nearby."

    LobbyFriend is also displayed on TV screens throughout the hotel lobby, so guests can see what questions are being asked in real-time. The app seems like a great way to learn more about the city you're visiting, and is an interesting way to meet fellow travelers. Is LobbyFriend the new trend in travel?

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