New App NYC Map Helps Tourists And Locals Get Around NYC

by Georgia Bobley · April 3, 2012

    Our iPhones are filled with apps to help us find directions, restaurants, bars, and local deals, but now, instead of using multiple apps to navigate the city, you'll only need to use one. The app is called NYC Map, and it's available free in the iTunes store.

    NYC Map, which was created by CityMaps, works in conjunction with New York City's official marketing and tourism organization, NYC & Company, and will provide directions to and suggestions for close to 90,000 bars, hotels, restaurants, stores and attractions.

    Some of the app's features include finding restaurants near your location and allowing you to make a reservation right through the app; looking up movie times close to you; subway and bus maps and directions; and it will also give users the ability to check-in on FourSquare and Twitter.

    Elliot Cohen, one of the app's co-founders, spoke to the Daily News about the app, explaining,

    “Our map helps people find their way around, discover the hidden gems of New York and find all the information about the city on the web in one destination.”

    This app may revolutionize the way we get around the city, but if nothing else, it will certainly condense the number of NYC apps we use daily!