You Can Turn Your Selfie Into An Emoji Now

by Millie Moore · May 19, 2017

    Apple emojis are so 2015. With the influx of brands coming up with emojis and emojis even becoming pool floats, it was only a matter of time before your selfies could become our modern version of the hieroglyphic.

    Google Allo, the messaging app you've never heard of, has a new update that configures your self-loving snaps into emojis with a tap of a button. While using this feature on their app, they prompt you to take a selfie which they then use to create a cartoon version of your sexy self! If you don't like what you see, you have the ability to tweak your appearance by giving yourself glasses or a different hairstyle. 

    Cute, right? And finally, a way to take your narcissism to a whole new level! This almost makes us want to stop communicating solely through memes and Instagram. It's kind of perfect because who even uses their words to communicate anymore?

    [Photo via @kyliejenner]