Is Bumble Bizz Actually Worth A Download?

by Madison Russell · October 24, 2017

    I am a 23-year-old writer, PR girl, model, and actor hustling on the streets of New York City. Like everyone else, I'm trying to form connections and network with the right people to make lasting business relationships and also, just to make new friends. You talk to some guy at an event who claims to run some business, but he's really just creepy and looking for a way to chat with you. A woman promises to share her knowledge of your industry, but never follows through via email. It's hard out there. But now, enter Bumble Bizz

    I know. It sounds like a hoax to be able to swipe through a list of humans and decide if it would be beneficial to know them or not. But honestly, with a brief work history, a few photos, and an explanation of why they are on the business platform, it's quite easy to assess whether or not you can help each other out. Mutually beneficial is the idea. 

    I've been using the app for, like, a day and have already made some lovely connections: women at PR firms I would dream of working with, people who write for magazines that seem like a locked vault, and business owners who are potentially looking for the skills that I can offer. It is a strikingly accommodating, supportive and cooperative community of entrepreneurs, because in this day and age, we are all a small business acting as the CEO of our most important company: Ourselves. No one else, especially in New York City, is out hitting the pavement for you, networking at events on your behalf, or creating connections with multitudes of like-minded people in your place. All of those tasks fall to you, you Very Important Person. 

    There are a few things to remember to have success on this networking platform. Firstly, tell your significant other immediately that you're downloading the app, because, since it is the standard Bumble application with a "Bizz" feature, it could look like you're searching for a way out of your relationship. Secondly, avoid the creeps. If you don't swipe to accept someone's profile, they wont be able to message you. I'm sure some guys are using this millennial version of LinkedIn to prey on young model girls (I can say that, because it's me). Use your judgement, just like you would at a networking mixer or standard bar. 

    If you hate it, delete it. If it doesn't provide any connections, get rid of it. But, I have a few coffee dates next week lined up with some pretty amazing women, and I'm not sure how that could be a bad thing. Remember, the secret to success is never eating alone (thanks Keith Ferrazzi), so swipe your way to your next collaborative partner.

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