You Can Finally Buy Snapchat Spectacles

by Christie Grimm · February 20, 2017

    The silliest, dumbest, must-have accessory of the season?

    Spectacles by Snapchat. Coming in three shades: coral, black and teal (because really, who doesn't look good in teal glasses?), they're finally available to purchase online for the low low price of $129.99, and deliver in 2 - 4 weeks, including a charging case and cable.

    So, for all you non-tech blog reading nerds, what is it exactly that these magic glasses do? Well, tbh, nothing groundbreakingly spectacular. Press a button on the glasses to start filming your 10 second video. And then share it on your Spapchat Memories. That's about it.

    And while we can see the appeal if you're say, Tony Hawk, or someone else whose first person POV is probably a shit ton more interesting to watch when brought to you via a hands-free camera, for all you girls who will just use it for a more meta mirror selfie, Godspeed.