"The GofG Gift Bag..." Free Blowout At Xac Anthony Salon This Thursday!

by KENDRA SEAY · March 24, 2009

    Ladies, for today's give away you can leave your heels at the door, get comfortable, and relax because the Xac Anthony Salon and Spa in Chelsea is giving one lucky GofG gal her very own evening of pampered, star quality salon treatment during their "Xac And The City" spa event called Girl's Night In Thursdays. Email Stanley at Stanley@guestofaguest.com with XAC in the subject line for a chance to win a FREE BLOWOUT. And click below to hear what Model Behavior has to say about the event this Thursday....Cosmos, Blowouts, Martinis---by Model Behavior

    It’s an accepted fact that Thursday is one of the hottest nights in the city – and now you’ll never need a place to pregame again. If you wake up Thursday morning realizing your hair smells like gym, don’t fear. The Xac Anthony Salon invites you to hang out at their chic Chelsea studio (complete with roof deck) for washes, blowouts, facials, waxing, jewelry shopping and oh yeah, cosmos, martinis and wine every Thursday night 6pm to midnight.

    Here’s the deal: You gather two girlfriends and for $45 a person enjoy two drinks, a wash, condition and a blow out. Salons are just plain conducive to gossip, so I suggest saving up your news and catching up with your friends in person while you’re all being pampered. Beautification and girl time while getting the buzz you need for a night out on the town immediately after?

    That’s like completing three pleasurable activities at once – the ultimate multitasking New Yorker’s fantasy.

    I checked out the Thursday night pampering party last week and experienced superstar treatment. Sure most salons are friendly, but unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow they don’t make you feel special. Everyone remembered my name and my favorite colorist Ariane quickly escorted me to get my hair washed. I was then transferred into the muscular hands of a curly-haired man named Julien. Ariane prefaced, “Everyone who gets up from his chair’s too dizzy to walk.” Apparently, I was in for a head massage.

    It’s important to clarify that Xac Anthony has the most comfortable salon sinks I’ve experienced on either coast of our country. I leave most salons speed dialing my chiropractor since my neck’s been squeezed, reversed, craned and bolted still. In contrast, the Xac sinks seem to align my spine better than a Pilates class. Then Julien proceeded to make love to my head in the most satisfying cranial massage I have yet to experience. It lasted for what seemed like hours. He rubbed and bathed my head and temples from every angle. I’d slipped into an ultra-relaxing coma in the middle of a bustling party and had to be reminded of my identity and whereabouts when urged out of the chair.

    Then I got voluminous BIG hair for my blowout while ingesting two glasses of wine. In sum, I was left in the perfect mental state for my dinner date afterwards. Drinks, a massage, a party, glamification and relaxation all at once? This is what new York is all about.