Today's Giveaway: Cab NYC For Free With Zypsee!

by guestofaguest · January 31, 2013

    For those who find hailing a cab to be more annoyance than its worth, we've got a solution. Zypsee is a new car service, described as an "easy-to-use taxi alternative at near-taxi rates," that has just launched and is looking for Beta users. In exchange for signing up now we are giving away some huge promotions!

    Just download the Zypsee app (available for iOS and Android) and start traveling the city with ease. The Zypsee signal tells you how many cars are in your area- the stronger the signal, the more cars and higher likelihood of getting picked up quickly. Touching the 'Ride Now' button calls any nearby cars to start traveling in your direction, and you can adjust your pickup point while the cars are en route- minimizing the wait time for a ride. Once you've reached your destination, the app displays your fee (rates are within 10-20% of taxi fares, based on a zone-to-zone model) and you can easily add a tip. Credit card information is stored in the app, making payment incredibly simple.

    As a Beta driver availability will vary, Zypsee is making it totally worth your while. In exchange for signing up now, Zypsee is inviting Guest of a Guest readers to be Beta users with some huge and special promos to offer.

    First off, GofG readers will receive 10% off any ride when they register using the promo code 301-00-013

    After registering, this will then give users special access to the "Beta Bonus Rides" which can get users anything from 50% to even 100% off, during the 3x weekly promotion periods.

    So be sure to click HERE on your smartphone and use the promo code 301-00-013 to register!