Today's Giveaway: FITiST 4-Class Package

by guestofaguest · April 11, 2013

    Spring is officially underway which means bikini season is near. But don't even think about peddling your way to your summer physique for hours on that same old elliptical machine. You wouldn't eat at the same restaurant every night, so why would you do the same workout everyday? This is New York. I know you are thinking all those class memberships can really break the bank. FITiST is the solution to this problem and we are offering an exclusive 4-class package giveaway!

    For your chance to win email with FITiST Gift in the subject line. The lucky winner will be announced Monday, April 22th on the site, GofG twitter, & facebook.

    FITiST is the first members-only, luxury wellness webpage that can offer access to the elite studios in New York City. Members can create their own fitness and wellness plan with FITiST experts, like celebrity trainers Andrea Orbeck and Ramona Braganza and nutritionist Oz Garcia. With FITiST you will stay on track by avoiding boredom, mixing it up with different classes. Even more importantly, you will see better results because it is built on the core philosophy of muscle confusion. This delivers fast and measurable results.

    This week we tried AEROSPACE NYC, AEROBOX class, conveniently located in the Meatpacking District. It feels like a chic rendition of your own Karate Kid movie as you tone with multi-punch combinations in rapid-fire sequences and intervals of jump rope drills. The gym is a luxe fitness playground with a full-circuit boxing equipment. But not just anyone can walk in (without a FITiST package). AEROSPACE is members-only too. Favorite parts: the spa, lounge, and mediation room, the beautiful people, cool slogans like "sleek and savage". Things to know: the "fast" segments are hyper speed!

    Check back for the next two weeks to hear our evaluation of some of the FITiST class offerings. And follow us on twitter [@guestofaguest and @FITiST] and on instagram [@guestofaguest] to see pictures and updates from our quest to the "FITiST"!