Today's Giveaway: Tickets To Big Omaha 2010 Conference!

by Rachelle Hruska · April 29, 2010

    Big Omaha, a culmination of the amazing entrepreneurial energy taking place in the Midwest, is May 13-15, and we have two tickets to give away to you! (A $600 value). So, why would YOU want to go to Omaha for this conference you ask? Well, besides yours truly MC'ing the event, the speaker list includes notables like Tony Hsieh (founder of Zappos), Dennis Crowley (Foursquare founder), Scott Harrison (Charity Water), Gary Vaynerchuk, (Wine Library) Justin Shaffer (HotPotato), Melody McCloskey, (StyleSeat) Jason Fried, (37 Signals), and many many more....

    Read what founder of Big Omaha, Jeff Slobotski, had to say about the conference:

    In January 2008, I began documenting my travel to other creative communities across the U.S. on my personal blog, Midwest to Manhattan, while I was working for a tech company based in NYC. After awhile, I found that instead of writing about entrepreneurs elsewhere that I received inspiration from, we had that same talent here in Nebraska and the surrounding region.

    Too often in the Midwest we’re “siloed” – each of us working on unique ideas or companies, but doing it under the radar. For us to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, we needed to build the infrastructure and support systems here like you see in Silicon Valley, Boulder, New York, Austin and elsewhere.

    In July of 2008 we officially relaunched the site under the Silicon Prairie News name.

    Shortly thereafter, the idea for Big Omaha arose out of the work we were doing on a daily basis with Silicon Prairie News.

    Our goal has been to continually highlight and support local and regional entrepreneurs and innovators who are working on companies or ideas that you might typically associate with being located on the coasts. We wanted to build, as well as connect, the community that I knew was right here in our own backyard.

    In August of 2008, I had a crazy idea of organizing a unique event for entrepreneurs and innovators in the Midwest. The event wasn’t created to compete with other industry events already taking place, rather to allow the startup and creative community within the Midwest to connect and engage with not only the speakers but with one another.

    The first Big Omaha featured some of the nation’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs and creative minds with the primary goal of challenging and motivating attendees to follow their passion and launch the new business or product they’ve been thinking of. Over 450 people from a dozen states attended, and we’re expecting an even larger crowd this May 13-15.

    So, make sure you are a GofG newsletter subscriber (sign up NOW), for your chance to win two tickets to this conference. BONUS! The winner will get personalized tour of Omaha (should they desire) from myself!