Today's Newsletter Giveaway: 20% Off T-Shirts From LOLA New York!

by Molly Harrington · August 18, 2011

    Just for GofG readers we are offering 20% OFF of T-Shirts from the newly relaunched LOLA NEW YORK. See below for details... After a brief hiatus, our friends at  LOLA are back by popular demand! The brand new website features:

    • Over 100 classic/dead-stock T-shirt designs

    • 1,000+ of our favorite photographs we shot or were submitted

    News section

    • 5 new limited-edition T-shirts for Late Summer, as well as a 1 collaborative hoodie. The shirts references range from Montauk to Manhattan to Franco-American relations.

    New Shirts:They say New York is the center of the world. We say it's the center of us. Designed off of a clean Futura-based typeface; the shirt is elegant and to the point. Hand-printed in New York City on a 100% Cotton body.

    To learn more about LOLA and buy t-shirts go here and type in "guestofaguest" for a 20% discount!