Today's Newsletter Giveaway: Two Tickets ($250 Value) To Love4Animals Fundraiser On Saturday!

by Molly Harrington · May 2, 2011

    We are giving away two tickets the Love4Animals Fundraiser on Saturday, May 7 to one lucky GofG newsletter subscriber! SIGN UP for our newsletter now, and see below for details.

    Check out the fun from last years Fundraiser [HERE]

    New York’s animal shelters need help! This year the friends of Animal Care & Control (AC&C) are hosting an exclusive fundraiser at the Brian Farrell Art Studio at the Chelsea Modern, 447 West 18th Street, on Saturday, May 7th, from 8-11pm. This evening is limited to 300 guests.

    NYC4ACC gives 100% of funds to the AC&C to help improve facilities, expand adoption services, provide medical supplies, transportation services, food, toys and medical attention to the hundreds of shelter dogs and cats in need. While the AC&C is contracted by the city to care for the homeless animals that are rejected from other shelters, the AC&C is severely underfunded.

    The AC&C and NYC4ACC are dedicated to raising funds to create a comfortable and clean environment for the thousands of animals that are housed and cared for in their centers. Through education and awareness, they strive to end the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable dogs and cats in our city and nationwide. To learn more about the Love4Animals Fundraiser for NYC Shelter Animals, or to purchase tickets if you're not today's winner, go here to buy your own!

    These two tickets, which retail for $125 each, could be yours!  We will be announcing details for entering to win in today's newsletter and picking the winner tomorrow morning!