Today's Newsletter Giveaway: Two Tickets To Paintball And Lazertag With The Urban Girl Squad!

by SARAH MANDATO · March 10, 2010

    NYC gals have pretty thick skin, so there's no better way to meet new girlfriends than strapping on a gun and shooting paintballs at them. We're sending a lucky GofG reader (+1) to get in on the Urban Girl Squad's paintball and lazertag night o' bonding, so SIGN UP NOW to win, and see below for details!

    That's right, on Monday, March 22nd the girls' social group is giving you everything you need to join in a ladies-only session of either paintball or lazertag. Enjoy a nice evening of meeting your city sisters, while maybe also getting a little stress release (go ahead, imagine that's your boyfriend you're aiming for...we won't tell) and great exercise.

    Paintball and Lazertag with Urban Girl Squad

    Monday, March 22nd

    7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

    NYC Paintball 47-11 Van Dam Street

    If you aren't today's winner, be sure and check out each day's Gift Bag giveaways in our newsletter. Besides the top stories and best events going on in NYC, we are giving you the chance to be a true Guest of a Guest with tickets or treats. Nothing could make us happier. Go HERE to sign up!