Eavesdropping In: A Big Day For Starlets We Don't Like, A Bad Day For Puppies Being Thrown At Bulldozers

by Chiara Atik · June 17, 2010

    Annoyingly, Taylor Momsen might actually be a good singer. This doesn't sit well with us. [NY Mag]

    And, in other "People We Don't Like" news, Evan Rachel Wood is the new face of Gucci. [Racked]

    Argentina V. South Korea, Greece V. Nigeria, France V. Mexcio, all up today. [NY Times]

    Sometimes you just need to throw a puppy at a bulldozer, what's the big deal?? [Gawker]

    The Whitney in The Meatpacking will sort of look like a really big White Castle. [Curbed]