Eavesdropping In: A Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes To Tom Colicchio, No Soup For You, No Box Office For Megan Fox

by BILLY GRAY · June 21, 2010

    Tom Colicchio really wanted to be a singer, covers Paul Simon. [Eater]

    Soup Nazi ready to make you feel like an idiot again. [NYT]

    No one can believe people still go to Marquee, not even owner of Marquee. [Twitter]

    Is Megan Fox over? Did she ever really begin? [MTV]

    Nostalgists rejoice: the subways are filthy again. [WSJ]

    It's the first day of summer. Here's New York's guide to it. [NYM]

    Meryl Streep admits all actors are hookers. [NYT]