Eavesdropping In: Ashton Could Face Federal Investigation, Urban Outfitters Pulls Racy Underaged Ads

by Christina Makoyawo · August 19, 2011

    Ashton Kutcher could face investigation....for his involvement in FourSquare? No, he could face federal probe due to promoting his social networking companies in the "Social Issue" of Details. [Newser]

    American Apparel, I mean Urban Outfitters has pulled salacious ad of an under-aged model. Apparently the girl posed in a blatantly salacious manner with her legs spread, without a bra, revealing portions of her breasts. [Daily News]

    Authorities say a woman's body has been recovered from the Niagara River, not far from where a 19-year-old Japanese student was swept over Niagara Falls after tumbling into the water. [Telegraph]

    Conan could face network troubles with TBS due to fledgling ratings. Say it isn't so! [HuffPost]

    Father-Son harassment duo, Craig Christy, 47, and his son Shawn Christy, 19 have been arrested on charges of harassing the Palin family by phone. [Reuters]

    It looks like not everyone cares for the Kardashian-Humphries union. The Donald and wife Melania are opting out of this weekend's "krazy" festivities. [NYPost]