Eavesdropping In: Aziz Ansari Will Host MTV Movie Awards, Lindsay Lohan Is Broke, The iPhone 4G Is Here

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 19, 2010

    Aziz Ansari will host the MTV Movie Awards on June 6th. Finally MTV does something we can get behind. (Yahoo News)

    It is very, very, very hard to remember when Victoria Beckham looked like this. You're a beast, Father Time. (NYP)

    Sharon Osbourne will have her breast implants taken out so she can present them to Ozzy, who will use them as paperweights. PAPERWEIGHTS. To weigh down paper. There is no joke here. Only shame. (Huffpo)

    Lindsay Lohan is $600,000 in debt. She could...maybe sell all her leggings? Or actually design some for her own line? (Radar)

    The iPhone 4G looks bulky and jagged. In other words, like an older model. Commence: confusion. (Daily Mail)