Eavesdropping In: Barack Obama, The Queen Of England, And Other People Who Won't Be Coming To Your Kid's Bat Mitzvah

by guestofaguest · August 16, 2010

    Apparently, Suri Cruise picked Katie Holmes' outfit for the Met Ball a few years ago.  [NY Mag]

    The New York Times got a bunch of people to unplug from the internet for a week. All part of their master plan, I gather...[NY Times]

    This is cool: some kid sent out Bar Mitzvah invites to some of our nation's luminaries, and a lot of them actually responded! (Well, at least their assistants did...) [Gawker]

    Here's a fun list of things we New Yorkers find really annoying. [NY Post]

    The Jersey Shore's Ronnie was arrested for not paying parking tickets. [Crushable]