Eavesdropping In: Casey Anthony Offered $500K For Hustler Shoot, Amy Winehouse's Death Caused by Alcohol Withdrawal?

by Mara Siegler · July 29, 2011

    Leaked iPhone 5 images show a larger, edge-to-edge screen, a curved rear panel, and a hole in the back which could be the new location for the device's antenna. [MobileFun]

    Larry Flynt has offered Casey Anthony $500,000, plus 10% of profits, to pose nude in Hustler. [CNN]

    The man who threw a foam pie at Rupert Murdoch has been convicted of assault and causing harassment, alarm or distress. [Guardian]

    Amy Winehouse's family believe the singer's decision to lay off alcohol completely for three weeks was a lethal "shock" for her tiny body and is what actually killed her. [TheSun]

    There was a refrigerator found on the West 4th street stop on the subway. [NYP]