Eavesdropping In: Chloe Sevigny Ponders The Secret To Pauly D's Hair, The Post-Orgasm 'Flu'

by Mara Siegler · January 18, 2011

    Chloe Sevigny speaks out on rumors she is dating Pauly D. It's not true. Shocker! "I was just looking at his hair. It looked like... egg yolk. Or Elmer's Glue. [His hair] had a white glaze thing kind of happening and I was like, 'How the fuck? Does he go upside down? What's the process?" [Gothamist]

    Don't mess with the MTA! A bus driver could be in serious trouble after forcibly removing a woman from the bus and (maybe???) punching her after she lit a cigarette and refused to put it out. [Fox]

    Ricky Gervais's instant karma. Golden Globe bosses are pissed about the jabs he took during the ceremony. "He definitely crossed the line," said Philip Berk, head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. [HR]

    Surprisingly NOT ripped from The Onion. A rare semen allergy is being linked to a strange, flu-like illness some men experience after orgasm. Post orgasmic illness syndrome, or POIS, symptoms include runny nose, extreme fatigue, and burning eyes immediately after ejaculation. It lasts a week. [Reuters]

    Two sisters of 65-year-old Portuguese journalist Carlos Castro sprinkled his remains over a Times Square station subway grate. Ick. [NYP]