Eavesdropping In: Cockroaches On The Table At Jean Georges!

by Chelsea Burcz · October 13, 2010

    It could happen anywhere, of course, but it sort of gives us some personal satisfaction that Jean Georges is the latest restaurant to have a cockroach appear, WHILE Sam Sifton was there. [Gothamist]

    Read Richard Johnson's goodbye to New York column in Page Six. [Post]

    Ouch, Gavin Rossdale forced to confess gay affair to Gwen. (It's ok, he was young!) [NYDN]

    Please let this be true: The Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte had a sleepover with George Lucas and they watched Buffy. [Racked]

    The real, and best story of the day, of course, is the rescue of the Chilean miners. Read it and weep (joyfully). [NY Mag]