Eavesdropping In: DJ Releases Four Loko Tribute Album, Victoria Gotti On Lindsay Lohan Playing Her

by Mara Siegler · April 15, 2011

    Just before her death, the suicide mother who drowned herself and her children used her BlackBerry to update her Facebook status. [Gawker]

    The thousands of languages spoken in the world today can be traced back to a "mother tongue of mother tongues" that arose in Africa around 50,000 years ago. [WSJ]

    The world's oldest man has died in Montana. [AP]

    Victoria Gotti seems less than sold on Lindsay Lohan playing her in an upcoming Gotti biopic starring John Travolta and Joe Pesci. [PageSix]

    A Brooklyn deejay whose obsession with Four Loko drinks led him to make an album protesting the crackdown on the kid-friendly brew now wants the state to put the snap back in the alcopop. [NYDN]