Eavesdropping In: E-Trade Lawsuit Gives Lindsay Lohan Most Work She's Had In Years, Foie Gras Protesters Are Lily-Livered, Restaurant Critic Pans City's Most Critic-Proof Restaurant

by BILLY GRAY · May 10, 2010

    The E-Trade baby is as pissed at Lindsay Lohan as every producer in Hollywood. [NYP]

    Not many people are protesting foie gras at Per Se. Maybe because they finally tasted foie gras. [Eater]

    Adam Platt unimpressed with Pulino's. Crowds will flock there anyway. [NYMag]

    David Byrne checks out Local Natives at Bowery Ballroom. Sold out crowd wets its Levis in excitement. [BrooklynVegan]

    Volcanic ash briefly obscures movie star egos at Cannes. [Deadline]

    Sunday Times continues to enrage readers with tales of insufferable parents and their precious spawn. [NYT]

    Betty White gives SNL its best ratings in 18 months. [Deadline]