Eavesdropping In: 'Eloise'-Themed Tricycle Garage Opens At Plaza, Tom Brady's Phone Number

by Mara Siegler · July 6, 2011

    A bill requiring California schools to teach gay history is headed for Gov. Jerry Brown's desk after passing the state Assembly. [LAT]

    Twitter blew up yesterday at news of the Casey Anthony verdict and @Entenmann’s made an ill conceived Tweet. They have now apologized. [WaPo]

    As of July 30, Britons will have the chance to win a baby through a lottery by the in vitro fertilization charity To Hatch. [Gawker]

    Beginning this month, guests of the Plaza can rent Eloise-themed bicycles, tricycles and scooters from the their real-life "Tricycle Garage" and use the vehicles to tour Central Park and other nearby landmarks. [DNAInfo]

    Is Tom Brady’s Phone Number 646-248-1212? [Deadspin]