Eavesdropping In: Equal Opportunity Shoes, Rip Torn Pleads Not Guilty, Amanda Lepore Might Be On His Jury

by BILLY GRAY · March 30, 2010

    Artist designs shoes that make everyone the same height. People still have to look down for Snooki. [Core77]

    Obama's lousy March Madness bracket threatens to undermine healthcare victory. [Intel]

    Rip Torn, America's crazy uncle, pleads not guilty to bank robbery. [1010]

    Local teachers busted for sex scandal not involving underage students. [NYDN]

    Famously civic-minded Amanda Lepore shows up for jury duty. [DailyMusto]

    Kids prefer pizza and nuggets to Jamie Oliver's potatoes. Sky is blue, grass green. [AP]

    Due to clueless Europeans (probably) Ace Hotel adds automatic tip even to cheap beer. [Eater]

    A murder a week at fictitious Hudson University. And I'd still take it over NYU. [CityRoom]